Explore VATSAF Event

Welcome to the Explore VATSAF event!

The Explore VATSAF event connects multiple countries within VATSAF airspace for the first time ever in one meta-event. What makes this event unique, is the fact that it spans over several months and features a participation point system, which will allow us to hand out several sponsored prizes at the end of the event based on a random draw (number of entries dependant on how many legs each pilot flew or each controller controlled).

Explore VATSAF flight legs (all legs start at 1300Z):

14 Oct 2018        Leg 1        FAOR - FYWH
28 Oct 2018        Leg 2        FYWH - FNLU
11 Nov 2018        Leg 3        FNLU - HUEN
25 Nov 2018        Leg 4        HUEN - HKJK
9 Dec 2018        Leg 5        HKJK - HTKJ
23 Dec 2018        Leg 6        HTKJ - FWKI
6 Jan 2019        Leg 7        FWKI - FQNC
20 Jan 2019        Leg 8        FQNC - FMNN
3 Feb 2019        Leg 9        FMNN - FQBR
17 Feb 2019        Leg 10        FQBR - FLKK
3 Mar 2019        Leg 11        FLKK - FVFA
17 Mar 2019        Leg 12        FVFA - FBMN
31 Mar 2019        Leg 13        FBMN - FAKN
14 Apr 2019        Leg 14        FAKN - FDMS
28 Apr 2019        Leg 15        FDMS - FAOR

Current event leaderboard

Once the event is concluded, a prize draw will be held during a live-streamed event and one or more winners will be announced. We will announce the identity of the celebrity streamer closer to the prize-draw date, along with details on where to watch the stream or the VOD if you've missed the live draw.

The current (live) top-10 leaderboard is as follows:
(While the site only displays the top 10, the full scoreboard will be used for the prize draw)

1          George Leonard          48.5 points
2          Brenden Quinn          45 points
3          George Condes          37 points
4          Chris Holmes          31 points
5          Nelis Coetzee          28 points
6          Warren Smith          25 points
7          Nico de Lange          21 points
8          Jeffrey Cole          14 points
9          Jacques Amon          11 points
9          Lawrence McDonald          11 points
9          Wesley Blaine          11 points

Pilot & ATC signups and flight briefings

If you wish to fly during this event:

If you wish to control during this event:

In order for us to be able to ensure a smooth and efficient event, please sign up using the links above. You can sign up for any of the event legs (or all of them!).Please remember that you can change your entries at any time during the course of the event. Please keep your entries up to date!

Above you will find a link to the pilot briefing. This document contains extremely important information for this event - including routes, departures, arrivals, approaches, rules and best practice suggestions. Our ATC & Events teams have worked around the clock to compile a pilot briefing that is relevant and helpful. Please download this briefing document and keep it with you before and during the event.

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