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VATSAF is the Southern African Division within VATSIM. Our territory incorporates the following FIRs:

FAJO – Johannesburg Oceanic (South Africa)  
FAJA – Johannesburg (South Africa)  
FACA – Cape Town (South Africa)  
FYWH – Namibia  
FBGR - Botswana  
FQBE – Beira (Maputo)  
FVHF – Harare (Zimbabwe)  
FNAN - Luanda (Angola)  
FMMM – Antananarivo (Madagascar)  
FLFI – Lusaka (Zambia)  
FIMM - Mauritius  
FSSS - Seychelles  
HRYR – Kigali (Rwanda)  
HKNA – Nairobi (Kenya)  
HBBA – Bujumbura (Burundi)  
HUEC – Entebbe (Uganda)  
HTDC Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania)  

We provide training to all our member pilots and Air Traffic Controllers..

Latest Division News

Well Done Kenya

It's not often you see this sort of result on the Iron 'Mic....

Well done guys, a perfect trifecta!!!!


We are pleased to announce a restructuring in the ACCSAF and VATSAF staff. We have changed some portfolios around to better align with the needs of our pilots and controllers, and have fully staffed them accordingly. The new staff structure as of 22 May 2019 is as follows:

Divisional staff:

- VATSAF1: George Condes (Division Director) vatsaf1@vatsaf.net.za

- VATSAF6: Volker Jacob (Divisional Operations Director) vatsaf6@vatsaf.net.za

South African vACC (ACCSAF) staff:

- ACCSAF1: Jeffrey Cole (vACC Director) accsaf1@vatsaf.net.za -

- ACCSAF2: Rean Opperman (Deputy vACC Director) accsaf2@vatsaf.net.za

- ACCSAF5: Warren Smith (Events and Marketing Director) accsaf5@vatsaf.net.za

- ACCSAF12: Leslie Jarrett (Deputy Events and Marketing Director) accsaf12@vatsaf.net.za

With this in mind, we have also revamped our general query email addresses, and they are now:

- All general ATC or ATC training queries: safatc@vatsaf.net.za

- All general pilot or pilot training queries: safpilots@vatsaf.net.za

(In addition to the direct staff email addresses, as can be found in the staff list above)

We look forward to working with you all in making a success of all current and future projects within the ACCSAF vACC! More information on new projects will follow in due course, with some exciting news regarding new competitions and events coming soon.

VATSIM Beta Team Application Update

Dear Audio for VATSIM Beta Applicant,

We wanted to provide you with an update on the beta testing and the tester selection.

We have conducted 3 localized tests on our beta server and have found some small issues each time which have been resolved quickly by our development team.

We have been adding small numbers of applicants to the testing server over the past few weeks and are up to about 200 testers. We will continue to add testers at random over the coming week so don’t count yourself out!

We will need to add a large amount of testers in the next two weeks as we are planning on showcasing the Audio for VATSIM Beta at FlightSim Expo June 8-9th. In order to ensure a consistent amount of traffic for this test we have created slots for arrivals and departures from Orlando International (KMCO).

If you are able to fly during the hours of FlightSim Expo you are welcome to book a slot at vats.im/afv starting June 1st at 1900z. All pilots who receive a slot will be added to the beta!

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Audio for VATSIM beta and we hope to see you on the server very soon!

Book a Slot

Best Regards,
Audio for VATSIM Team

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