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VATSAF is the Southern African Division within VATSIM. Our territory incorporates the following FIRs:

FAJO – Johannesburg Oceanic (South Africa)  
FAJA – Johannesburg (South Africa)  
FACA – Cape Town (South Africa)  
FYWH – Namibia  
FBGR - Botswana  
FQBE – Beira (Maputo)  
FVHF – Harare (Zimbabwe)  
FNAN - Luanda (Angola)  
FMMM – Antananarivo (Madagascar)  
FLFI – Lusaka (Zambia)  
FIMM - Mauritius  
FSSS - Seychelles  
HRYR – Kigali (Rwanda)  
HKNA – Nairobi (Kenya)  
HBBA – Bujumbura (Burundi)  
HUEC – Entebbe (Uganda)  
HTDC Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania)  

We provide training to all our member pilots and Air Traffic Controllers..

Latest Division News



It's been a busy few months for the whole developer community on VATSIM, as we speed towards release of VATSIM's new voice technology. We are also making excellent progress on other modernizations and enhancements which will ensure VATSIM remains the biggest and best online flying network.

While we continue to make this progress, we have had some staff changes as well. I'm saddened to announce that Jamie Fox has recently stepped down from his role as Vice President, Network Systems due to personal commitments. Jamie has played a central part over several years in getting VATSIM's server infrastructure in order and in a stable state, as well as contributing to numerous projects across VATSIM in that time also. On behalf of the Board of Governors, I'd like to thank Jamie for his work and wish him the very best for the future.

Jamie’s departure gives us an opportunity to reevaluate the needs of technical positions on the Board of Governors. While we complete that evaluation, Matt Cianfarani will execute the responsibilities of Vice President, Network Systems and Vice President, Web Services.

These two roles are closely intertwined, and it makes sense that in this critical stage of our delivery of Audio for VATSIM, we have an aligned approach to launching this and other projects in the community.

Aidan Stevens has been appointed Director of Web Services to assist Matt with his additional responsibilities. Aidan has been critical in the past year assisting VATSIM development assisting or taking the lead on many of our improvement projects. Thank you to both Matt and Aidan for stepping up.

In tandem with this announcement, Zach Biesse-Fitton, our Vice President Technical Development, has published a blog post which gives a more detailed update on Audio for VATSIM amongst other topics. I would urge you to read it here, as it's sure to be of interest!

Thank you for being a part of VATSIM.

VATSAF is looking to appoint ACCSAF1

VATSAF is looking for a creative, innovative and energetic person to take on the role of Director - South Africa vACC (ACCSAF1).

The duties that the incumbent would need to fulfil include the following:

• Overseeing of all training operations within the vACC.
• Management and motivation of all staff members.
• Calling of meetings and compilation of quarterly reports as well as reports as required.
• Maintain a positive, professional and relationship with all ACCSAF members.
• Be responsive to ACCSAF e-mails.
• Be accountable to ACCSAF staff, members and the VATSAF Division.
• Maintain open communication lines with all concerned.
• Be active on the VATSIM network and ACCSAF Discord Server.
• The Director may also create a deputy for each position listed above and may also create positions for sundry staff should the need arise, with the same requirements and for an indefinite period.

The successful candidate should have the following qualifications:

• Should be an active member of the network for 2 years.
• Must hold a minimum of a C1 rating.
• Must be in good standing with the rest of the network.

If you’d like to be part of this dynamic and exciting vACC, please send a short CV to vatsaf1@vatsaf.net.za byThursady 30 May 2019.

ACCSAF1 Resignation

It saddens me to announce that Nico de Lange has resigned as ACCSAF1.  Nico has been forced into taking these steps because of real world commitments and family life.  The good news is that Nico won’t be leaving us entirely, and we’ll see him in the air and on the scopes.

Nico, thank you for the effort that you’ve put into ACCSAF and VATSAF, particularly the establishment of the VATSAF ATO.  We wish you well in your endeavours and hope to see you back in a staff position sooner rather than later.

In Nico’s absence, Jefferey Cole will be stepping into the ACCSAF1 position on a temporary basis.  Jeffrey needs no introduction to most of us, and on behalf of VATSAF and ACCSAF, I would like to thank Jeffrey for offering to step into the role of ACCSAF1.

George Condes



VATSIM Southern Africa Division Director

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