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VATSAF is the Southern African Division within VATSIM. Our territory incorporates the following FIRs:

FAJO – Johannesburg Oceanic (South Africa)  
FAJA – Johannesburg (South Africa)  
FACA – Cape Town (South Africa)  
FYWH – Namibia  
FBGR - Botswana  
FQBE – Beira (Maputo)  
FVHF – Harare (Zimbabwe)  
FNAN - Luanda (Angola)  
FMMM – Antananarivo (Madagascar)  
FLFI – Lusaka (Zambia)  
FIMM - Mauritius  
FSSS - Seychelles  
HRYR – Kigali (Rwanda)  
HKNA – Nairobi (Kenya)  
HBBA – Bujumbura (Burundi)  
HUEC – Entebbe (Uganda)  
HTDC Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania)  

We provide training to all our member pilots and Air Traffic Controllers..

Latest Division News

New ACCSAF1, ACCSAF3 and VATSAF12 appointments

It is with great pleasure that I can announce this evening the following staff appointments within ACCSAF and VATSAF:

- Berndt Kruse is appointed as ACCSAF1 - Director.
- Liam Pickering is appointed as ACCSAF3 - ATC Director.
- Kevin Duffy is appointed as VATSAF12 - Divisional ATC Oversight Director.

The full staff lists for ACCSAF, ACCEAC and VATSAF can be found here: https://www.vatsaf.net.za/staff.php

I have full faith in Berndt, Liam and Kevin and know that they will take the ACCSAF and VATSAF to new heights. We wish them the best of luck in their duties!

Rean Opperman - VATSAF1
VATSIM Southern Africa Divisional Director

VATSAF1 and VATSAF2 appointed

It is with great pleasure and optimism that we share the following changes in staffing within the VATAME region, the VATSAF executive committee, and the ACCSAF executive committee:

George Condes has been promoted to VATAME2. This move vacated the VATSAF1 position, and therefore the following staff changes have been made accordingly:

Rean Opperman is promoted to VATSAF1, and will also still maintain responsibility of the ACCSAF1 role.
Nelis Coetzee is promoted to VATSAF2, as the Divisional ATC Director (which is also the deputy division director).
Corne Coetzee is promoted to ACCSAF2 as Deputy vACC Director, to assist Rean Opperman with the ACCSAF vACC.
Kevin Duffy is appointed to ACCSAF3, as the ACCSAF ATC Director.

We wish all of the appointees above the best of luck in their new positions. It is a very exciting time for VATSAF and ACCSAF, with unprecedent numbers of active students coming through the ranks, events and CPT's happening on a weekly basis, and active and committed staff. A word of gratitude to all involved is certainly in order.

To clarify the "hierarchical" structure of ACCSAF and VATSAF within the VATSIM organisation, it can be summarised as this:


(VATSAF is responsible for the ACCEAC, ACCSAF and ACCVAN vACC's)

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