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VATSAF is the Southern African Division within VATSIM. Our territory incorporates the following FIRs:

FAJO – Johannesburg Oceanic (South Africa)  
FAJA – Johannesburg (South Africa)  
FACA – Cape Town (South Africa)  
FYWH – Namibia  
FBGR - Botswana  
FQBE – Beira (Maputo)  
FVHF – Harare (Zimbabwe)  
FNAN - Luanda (Angola)  
FMMM – Antananarivo (Madagascar)  
FLFI – Lusaka (Zambia)  
FIMM - Mauritius  
FSSS - Seychelles  
HRYR – Kigali (Rwanda)  
HKNA – Nairobi (Kenya)  
HBBA – Bujumbura (Burundi)  
HUEC – Entebbe (Uganda)  
HTDC Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania)  

We provide training to all our member pilots and Air Traffic Controllers..

Latest Division News

ACCSAF1 Resignation

It saddens me to announce that Nico de Lange has resigned as ACCSAF1.  Nico has been forced into taking these steps because of real world commitments and family life.  The good news is that Nico won’t be leaving us entirely, and we’ll see him in the air and on the scopes.

Nico, thank you for the effort that you’ve put into ACCSAF and VATSAF, particularly the establishment of the VATSAF ATO.  We wish you well in your endeavours and hope to see you back in a staff position sooner rather than later.

In Nico’s absence, Jefferey Cole will be stepping into the ACCSAF1 position on a temporary basis.  Jeffrey needs no introduction to most of us, and on behalf of VATSAF and ACCSAF, I would like to thank Jeffrey for offering to step into the role of ACCSAF1.

George Condes



VATSIM Southern Africa Division Director

New Article added in the VATSAF Pilot Training Forum - 10 Aviation Weather Terms

A new article on Aviation Weather Terms has been added to the VATSAF Pilot Training Forum.


Safe Landings

VATSIM is looking for Beta Testers

For Immediate Release
March 31, 2019

VATSIM announces signups for Audio for VATSIM Large Scale Testing

VATSIM is delighted to announce that we are moving into the advanced testing phases of the new audio solution, Audio for VATSIM (AFV). AFV is a revolutionary new audio solution for the VATSIM network featuring clear VHF communications and minimal latency as opposed to VATSIM’s current voice codec. AFV also features realistic range-based VHF range, incorporation of blocking tones for pilots who are stepped on, and the ability to use voice on any frequency in the VHF spectrum even when there is no Air Traffic Controller online.

VATSIM needs you to help complete these important large-scale tests where we attempt to stress the system with hundreds of users before we release. To accomplish these tests, we are accepting applications from any VATSIM member interested in being a part of the large-scale beta testing to begin soon.

Beta testers will be selected at random from the applicants and will be requested to fly or control during at least two of the upcoming large tests. Applicants will receive a confirmation via email and if accepted will receive email with further instructions.

To apply, visit https://vats.im/beta

Good luck to all those who apply, and we look forward to full release of Audio for VATSIM!

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